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URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane’s variable, adjustable outriggers enable this mini crane to operate in spaces where other mini cranes cannot.

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The UNIC URW-295-3 retains all the benefits of the standard 295 model, but sees the addition of variable, adjustable outriggers, enabling this mini crane to operate around fixed obstacles on site to suit the unique lifting requirements of each project.

The addition of variable outriggers means this mini crane can operate in spaces where other mini cranes cannot. The adjustable outriggers reduce the working footprint of this already compact mini machine, making it ideal for working in extremely tight and small spaces. Further enhancements include slew limitation, variable slew limitation, height limitation and variable height limitation as standard.

With a width of just 0.6m, the URW-295 can access through a standard door frame yet comes with a heavy lifting capacity of 2.9 tonnes. The 8.65m boom provides a maximum lifting height of 8.8m, whilst an optional fly jib gives a further 1500mm reach which can then increase to 10.47 with a fixed hook where required.

Capacity2.9t x 1.4m
Max working height8.8m (9.8m with manual fly jib,10.47m with fixed hook
Max working radius8.41m
Boom length2.53 – 8.65m
Weight1850kg (1950kg with electric option 1920kg with diesel option 2090kg with diesel and electic)
Power sourcePetrol with LPG and electric options, diesel with electric options

Technical Specs

  • Crane: Capacity: 2.9t x 1.4m
  • Max working radius: Max: 8.41m
  • Max lifting height: Approx: 8m (9.8m with manual fly jib, 10.47m with fixed hook)
  • Rope length: Max: 12 m (4 fall), 29.24 m (2 fall), 59.47 m (1 fall)
  • 295-3 dimensions: Folded on tracks: 2690mm (2905mm diesel & electrical dual) (l) x 600mm (w) x 1375mm (h)
  • 295-CBE-3 dimensions ECO: Folded on tracks: 2720mm (l) x 690mm (w) x 1525mm (h)
  • 295-WBE-3 dimensions ECO: Folded on wheels: 2730mm (l) x 750mm (w) x 1560mm (h)
  • 295-3 weight: Unladen on tracks: 1850kg (1950kg with electric option, 1920kg with diesel option, 2090kg with diesel and electric dual option)
  • 295-CBE-3 weight ECO: Unladen on tracks: 2350kg (2415kg with fly jib)
  • 295-WBE-3 weight ECO: Unladen on wheels: 2425kg (2490kg with fly jib)
  • Point loadings: Due to the many variables involved, point loadings are only available on request
  • Hook speed: Approx: 10m/min (with 4 layers and 4 falls)
  • Telescopic system:
    • Boom length: 53 ? 8.65m
    • Telescoping speed:  6.12m/20 seconds
    • Boom type:  5 section, hydraulically telescoping boom, hexagonal box construction
  • Derricking angle/speed: Approx: 0 ? 78?/11 seconds
  • Slewing angle/speed: approx: 360? (continuous) 1.5 min rpm
  • Traction system:
    • Drive: hydrostatic, stepless forward and reverse
    • Travel speed: 0 ? 2.3 km/h
    • Gradeability: ? 20? (vertical) 10° (traverse)
    • Track ground length: 1050mm
    • Track ground pressure: 48kPa (0.49 kg/cm?)
    • Track width: 180mm
  • Engine:
    • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi (Kubota diesel)
    • Drive:  petrol with LPG and electric options, diesel with electric option
    • Maximum output:  6kW (13PS) / 2000min rpm
    • Atarting method:  electric and recoil start as standard
    • Tank capacity:  6 litres petrol, 9 litres diesel
  • 295-3 Electric motor:
    • Power: 7kW
    • Voltage:  400v AC 50/60Hz
  • ECO-295-3 Power Source (on wheels and tracks):
    • Power: 1kW (AC motor)
    • Voltage:  48v DC rechargeable battery (charger 200/240v single phase 15A) & (charger 110v single phase 32A)
  • Standard equipment: Computer controlled moment limiter (safe load indicator), radio remote control, overwinding alarm, computer controlled intelligent voice warning system, multi-function operation by radio remote control, intelligent throttle activation, automatic hook stow, overload warning lamps, height limitation, variable height limitation, slew limitation, variable slew limitation, variable outriggers
  • Optional equipment: 1 fall hook block, 2 fall hook block, LPG dual power, mains electric dual power (400v), diesel engine, low marking tracks, searcher hook small 300kg, searcher hook 700kg, manual fly jib 700kg with single part line, radio remote control with feedback display, data logging

URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane - Working Radius

<h4>URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane - Working Radius</h4>

URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane Elevation

<h4>URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane Elevation</h4>

URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane Plans

<h4>URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane Plans</h4>

URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane - URW295CE Boom

<h4>URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane - URW295CE Boom</h4>

URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane - Working Posture of Searcher Hook

<h4>URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane - Working Posture of Searcher Hook</h4>

URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane - Working Posture of Extension Jib

<h4>URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane - Working Posture of Extension Jib</h4>

URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane - Hook Fall

<h4>URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane - Hook Fall</h4>

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