HVO Biofuel

Fuelling our Operations Sustainably
By switching to HVO biofuel, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel, we are reducing our net CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by 90%

  • icon-environment-sustainable Renewable & Sustainable
  • icon-co2Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • icon-performance-speedometer2Exceptional Performance

What is HVO?

ISCC Certified Sustainability logoHydrotreated Vegetable Oil, also known as HVO, is the next-generation low-carbon diesel and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel.

It is derived from used cooking oils, residue animal fats from food processing, tall oil, and non-food grade crops. Biofuel, more generally, is a renewable source of energy that comes from plants, animals, or algae.

With the world shifting towards more sustainable practices to reduce climate change and protect the environment, HVO fuels have become a viable choice to help reduce diesel vehicle and plant emissions. It is considered a paraffinic fuel, a new classification of cleaner transport fuels, and has almost zero sulphur and aromatics content.

How switching to HVO biofuel helps us and our clients

  • Better for the environment: Carbon emissions are reduced by up to 90%
  • Reduced air pollution makes it safer for humans
  • Exceptional performance and reliability
  • Cleaner local air benefits the health of personnel using the machinery
  • Cost-effective: no modifications or new equipment required, so no additional costs passed on to our clients

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