Experienced Driver with C Licence and Experienced Mini Crane Operator required. For details of these positions and how to apply:

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With our depot in Park West in Dublin, we are conveniently located to operate across Leinster.

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Our Services

Small Crane Hire – Our fleet includes Mini Cranes, Mini Spider Cranes, Compact City Cranes and HIAB Crane Lorries. See our range of small cranes.

Glass & Clad Lifting Equipment Sale & Hire – we offer a full range of glass & clad vacuum lifters, glazing robots and glass lifting accessories.

Vacuum Lifter Service & Recertification: We offer Service & Recertification. for vacuum lifters.

Glass Handling & Lifting – Avail of our specialised vehicles & equipment and full range of glass handling services from transport to lifting.

Certified Personnel – We can provide certified crane operators, certified banks man, lift supervisors. All our drivers are fully trained to the highest standards.

Contract Lifting Service – with the latest technology in lifting equipment.

About Us

Liffey Crane Hire is one of Ireland’s leading small crane hire companies providing a full range of Spider Cranes, City Cranes & All-Terrain Cranes.

We are also one of the leading small crane companies providing a glass lifting services in the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland and glass & clad lifting equipment including Glass Lifting Robots, Glass & Clad Vacuum Lifters and Glass & Clad Lifting Accessories. We also offer Vacuum Lifter Sales, Service and Recertification.

With a highly trained experienced team, we can also provide Contract Lift Services where will we manage and supervise your full lift process.

Liffey Crane Hire is the only crane hire company in Ireland to have a dedicated glass transporting service through our sister company Liffey Glass Transport. Liffey Glass Transport has been transporting glass for the last 3 decades for one of Ireland’s largest double glazed unit/laminate & smart glass providers in Ireland.

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