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The UPG 350-2 vacuum lifting device is specially designed for loads of up to 350 kg. With an adaptable modular design, this batter powered vacuum list is suitable for use in many tasks.

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The UPG 350-2 vacuum lifting device is specially designed for loads of up to 350 kg. Thanks to its modular design, the UPG 350-2 can be optimally adapted to your tasks.

The lifter has manual 90° tilting and loads can be rotated a full 360°, with the position stopped every 45°. This allows you to perfectly align glass elements for insertion. Solid adhesion and reliable power is ensured by the built-in suction discs of 300 mm diameter. The joints and tappets of the suction discs are also spring-loaded. All of the suction discs can be individually arranged without the need for any tools.

The 12 V battery is rechargeable and replaceable, and you can see the current charging state on an LED display. The regulated vacuum pump is continually ready for operation for up to eight hours. The UPG 350-2 includes an audible warning buzzer to alert the operator if the vacuum becomes too weak or if a vacuum circuit fails completely.

HeightMin 210mm
Rotation360° manual left & right lockable
Tilt90° manual
Vacuum systemDual circuit
Vacuum cups4
Operating time8 hours

Key Features

  • Manual tilting 90°
  • Manual turning 360°
  • Silicon-free vacuum cups (Ø 300mm)
  • Off-grid Motor with 12 volt rechargeable battery
  • Integrated vacuum reserve tank
  • Individual arrangement of the spring-mounted vacuum cups
  • Vacuum cups adjustable without tools
  • DIN 13155
  • Optic/acoustic warning devices (low vacuum warning buzzer)

Technical Specs

Vacuum System2-circuit system
Vacuum cups4
Lifting capacityup to 350 kg
Tare weight43 kg
Heightmin 210 mm
Operating Temperature0° up to 40°C
Operating Time8 hours

Suction Disc UPG 350-2 Dual Circuit Vacuum Lifter Dimensions

<h4>Suction Disc UPG 350-2 Dual Circuit Vacuum Lifter Dimensions</h4>