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Zero Emissions

The slimline G20 Pick & Carry Crane is a practical alternative to a fork lift.

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The slimline G20 pick and carry crane offers two tonnes of lifting power without the need for outriggers.

A practical alternative to a fork lift, this pedestrian operated compact crane comes with a 5.3m maximum lifting height and can quickly pick, carry and place loads thanks to its 180° rear drive.

Optional extras include radio remote control, low marking tyres, 150kg capacity searcher hook, electromagnetic front brakes and full winch system.

Capacity2.0t x 0.5m
Max working height5.3m (6.32m with searcher hook)
Max working radius3.5m (4.7m with searcher hook)
Boom length2.15 – 5.15m
Power sourceBattery with 110v 16A built in charger

Technical Specs

G20 Pick & Carry Crane - Dimensions

<h4>G20 Pick & Carry Crane - Dimensions</h4>

G20 Pick & Carry Crane - Rated Loads

<h4>G20 Pick & Carry Crane - Rated Loads</h4>

G20-Hook Fall

<h4>G20-Hook Fall</h4>

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