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With a capacity of 500kg and a slewing arm that enables it to operate at 180°, the innovative Slewboy 500 is ideal for glass installation projects.

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The Slewboy 500 floor crane is the ideal machine for glass installation projects including shopfronts, office partitions and fitting glazing below low level overhangs

At just 980mm wide, this innovative crane benefits from a slewing arm enabling it to operate at 180°, allowing for the rotation of loads of 90° left and right and is lockable at every 45°. The addition of a slewing arm allows the Slewboy 500 to operate in confined and restricted access areas such as corridors and narrow access points where similar floors cranes cannot.

This 500kg capacity counterbalance crane benefits from removable weights and can easily be transported by forklift or crane to its working area. The Slewboy 500 is suitable for use with many of our below the hook vacuum lifters

Short arm CapacityShort arm lengthLong arm CapacityLong arm Capacity
Position 1500kg375mm220kg920mm
Position 2420kg510mm200kg1055mm
Position 3370kg645mm180kg1190mm
Position 4320kg780mm160kg1325mm
Weight562kg (with counterweights), 276kg (without counterweights)

Key Features

  • Capacity 500kg
  • Max hook height 2.7 m
  • Lockable castor wheels
  • Slewing 90° left & right of centre, lockable every 45°
  • Weight 562kg (276kg without counterweights)
  • Number of counterweights: 13

Technical Specs

Slewboy 500 Floor Crane Technical Specifications

<h4>Slewboy 500 Floor Crane Technical Specifications</h4>

Slewboy 500 Floor Crane Dimensions

<h4>Slewboy 500 Floor Crane Dimensions</h4>