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Oscar 800 Offroad Glazing RobotOscar 800 Offroad Glazing Robot

The OSCAR 800 Offroad is a glazing robot with a capacity to lift up to 800kg, designed to handle glass plastic boards, ceramic plates and steel plates for easy handling and installation. Fitted with all terrain tyres, the OSCAR 800 Offroad makes it easier to work in areas with restricted access and poor ground conditions.

With a hydraulically powered robotic arm that can extend up to 2500mm, the OSCAR 800 Offroad can install materials with precision due to its movable head that has the ability to rotate 135° left and right; tilt 90° up and down; and slew 90° left and right.

For extra stability when transporting and lifting loads, the OSCAR 800 Offroad comes complete with wheeled stabilisers. A radio remote control, allows operators to decide how close they want to be to the load – closer during installation or further away to remain at a safer distance as required.

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  • Lifting capacity 800kg
  • Maximum weight of machine 1340kg (including 16 removable counterweights @ 23kg )
  • 1000mm (w) x 2700mm (l) x 1600mm (h)
  • 90° lateral head movement (left and right)
  • 135° rotation left and right (270°)
  • 90° slew left and right
  • Dual vacuum circuit and four vacuum pumps
  • Audio-visual low vacuum warning
  • Spring loaded safety cut-out switch when exceeding safe working load
  • Hydraulically powered robotic arm
  • Radio remote control

Technical Specifications

Load Capacity Max 800kg
Suitable for lifting Material properties: Gastight / non-porous
Surface: Smooth
Example: Glass, plastic boards, ceramic plates, steel plates
Weight Weight with counterweights: 1340kg
Weight without counterweights:  972kg
Number of counterweights No. counterweights: 16 weights @ 23kg
Jib angle 120 degrees
Dimensions (travelling) Width: 1000mm
Length: 2900mm
Height: 1600mm
Suction cups Number of Cups: 8
Cup Diameter 350mm
Powered head tilt Tilt: 90° up and down
Powered lateral sideshift Sideshift 100mm left & right
Manual head rotation Rotation 135° left & right
Manual head slew left & right Slew: 90° lockable left and right
Powered boom In and out: Telescoping range up to 2500mm
Up and down: See load chart for height
Electric Drive Drive 24v / 2000W
Hydraulics Operating pressure 150 bar max.
Hydraulic cylinder Lifting cylinder 2 X 600mm stroke
Telescopic cylinder 1000mm stroke
Tilt cylinder 500mm stroke
Side shift cross feed 100mm stroke
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