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Oscar 600 Offroad Glazing Robot Hire

Capacity: 600kg

The Oscar 600 Offroad glazing robot features all terrain types which make working in restricted access areas with bad ground conditions trouble-free. With the same 600kg lifting capacity as the standard Oscar 600 model, this highly manoeuvrable Oscar 600 Offroad has front drive and large dual tyres with added grip to prevent the machine from sinking in the ground

Perfect for use on outdoor sites and moving across uneven soily ground, the dual circuit Oscar 600 Offroad can safely handle heavy glass and other flat non-porous materials using six durable vacuum suction cups. Its extra-long telescopic lifting arm, powered by electric actuators, provides up to 1180mm of reach for lifting 300kg loads

This compact machine is only 922mm wide, making it ideal for operation in confined spaces thanks to the practical multifunctional steering wheel and remote control

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  • Lifting capacity 600kg (300kg when lifting arm is fully extended, 200kg when lifting in overhead position)
  • Weight of machine 650kg (without counterweights)
  • 90⁰ powered lateral head movement (left and right)
  • Pad frame tilts 180⁰
  • Dual vacuum circuit with two vacuum pumps
  • Width of machine: 922mm
  • Powered by 12v DC rechargeable battery
  • Audio-visual low vacuum warning
  • Not suitable for use in the rain

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