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OSCAR 1000 Optimum Strength Compact Articulated Glazing Robot

The highest capacity glazing robot in our range, the Oscar 1000 offers the ultimate combination of lifting power and class-beating dimensions for effortless installation of glass, facades, window and door elements weighing up to 1000kg.

Controlled with a radio remote, the Oscar 1000 has a telescopic lifting arm and a 360° rotating head with a hydraulically powered 180° tilt function for precision handling of sheet materials. With rear wheel drive and a unique lateral side shift function, the Oscar can slightly adjust its position on the spot to make sure glass is accurately placed for easy installation.
OSCAR 1000 Optimum Strength Compact Articulated Glazing Robot
At just 1270mm wide, the Oscar 1000 is ideal for re-glazing work as it can be operated in tight working areas and can carry materials through narrow access points by swinging loads into an overhead position with its articulated joint.

The Oscar 1000 Plus retains all the features of the standard Oscar 1000 and but with hydraulically powered head slewing 80° left and right and 360° rotation.

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Technical Specifications

Safe working load capacity jib 1: 1000kg
capacity jib 2: 500kg
Suitable for lifting material properties: gastight / non-porous
surface: smooth
example:glass, plastic boards,
ceramic plates
Weight with counterweights: 1920kg, (2120kg Plus)
without counterweights: 1425kg, (1625kg Plus)
Width width: 1270mm (960mm)
Travelling length length: 3229mm
Travelling height height: 1398mm
Number of suction cups cups: 6 – 10
Powered head tilt powered head tilt: 90° up & down
Powered lateral sideshift powered lateral sideshift: 100mm
Manual pad frame rotation rotation: 180° lockable left & right
Manual head slew left & right manual head slew: 90° lockable increments
left & right
Boom in & out boom in & out: 1230mm
Vacuum system dual circuit: 4 pumps, 2 vacuum reserve tanks
Power requirements rechargeable battery: 110v/240v charger
pump: 24v DC (2 x 12v)
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