We offer a full range of glazing robots suitable for handling and installing glass in indoor and outdoor building & construction projects.

We offer solutions to the most difficult glazing and curtain walling projects that aren’t suitable for cranes or scaffolding. From compact robots to access hard to reach areas and install glass from the inside out, to the ultimate combination of lifting power and dimensions with a 1000kg load capacity, we have the answer.

See our glazing robots below, or we also offer a range of glass vacuum lifters and lifting equipment.

Geko 350 PV Glazing Robot

The Geko 350 PV Glazing Robot offers precision installation of glazing & window units indoors and outdoors, with 350kg of lifting power.

Glassworker GW 625 Glass Lifter

The strongest glass lifter in its class, the All-Terrain Glassworker GW 625 Glass Lifter is ideal for the safe and precise installation of large heavy glass panels.

Oscar 800 Offroad Robot

The OSCAR 800 Offroad glazing robot, with lifting capacity of up to 800kg, is designed for easy handling & installation of glass plastic boards, ceramic plates and steel plates.

Oscar 1000 Compact Articulated Robot

The OSCAR 1000 Optimum Strength Compact Articulated Robot lifts up to 1000kg, offering the ultimate combination of lifting power & dimensions for easy installation of glass, facades, window and door elements.

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