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MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt Glass Vacuum Lifter

MRTA8 Quadra Tilt vacuum glass lifter for hireThe MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt glass vacuum lifter features a four-bar tilt mechanism, making it easier to tilt heavy loads between flat and upright. Featuring 360o manual rotation and 90o assisted manual tilt, the MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt has removable vacuum pads and extension arms, meaning it can handle loads with a variety of shapes and sizes.

Designed to lift loads 320kg in a 4 pad configuration and 635kg in an 8 pad configuration, the MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt window sucker is ideal for lifting smooth, non-porous materials such as glass, sheet metal and composite panels. This vacuum lifter’s capacity and versatility makes it ideal for a range of on-site and in-house projects.

With a Dual Vacuum System, included as an standard safety feature, the MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt features two independent vacuum circuits, which can support each other in the event of system failure. When the vacuum system is being energised, the MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt emits constant audible and visible alarms until the correct level of vacuum has been reached. The pump then stops to save battery life. A sensor switch registers any small loss of vacuum and restarts the pump to build vacuum back up to the correct level.


  • Standard Pad Spread:
    • Minimum Width – 320 mm
    • Maximum Width -1490 mm
    • Minimum Length – 1190 mm
    • Maximum Length – 2660 mm
  • Number / Size of Pads: 280 mm diameter, lipped pads
  • Maximum Load Capacity:
    • 4 pads – 320 kg
    • 8 pads – 635 kg
  • Ideal for Lifting: Smooth, nonporous surfaces. Please contact us for recommendations on other surfaces.
  • Unit Weight: 87 kg
  • Standard Operating Power: 12 volts DC, 4.5 amps
  • Load Movement:
    • Manual rotation, 360° with automatic locking at each 1/4 revolution.
    • Assisted manual tilt, 90° between upright and flat
  • Standard Features:
    • Dual vacuum system
    • On-board battery and charger
    • Pad extension arms
    • Battery energy gauge
    • Green lift light
    • Blow-off for quick release
    • Tilt locks
    • Low vacuum warning buzzer
    • Power loss warning buzzer
    • (Re)movable pad mounts
    • Vacuum gauges
    • Vacuum line filters
    • Vacuum reserve tanks
    • Spring-mounted vacuum pads

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