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Mini-Clad Vacuum Lifter

One of the lightest and slimmest models in our range of glass vacuum lifters for hire, the new dual circuit Mini-clad is the industry’s first ‘configuration free’ cladding lifter for speedy installation on site

The 400kg capacity Mini-Clad is the slimmest and lightest cladding lifter in our range. It has 90⁰ tilt and 360⁰ rotation functions for easy installation of cladding panels.

With dual circuit vacuum technology, the Mini-Clad has a unique four suction pad lifting frame for handling roof panels up to 5 metres in length, horizontal units up to 8 metres and vertical panels up to 18 metres

With no configuration required, the Mini-Clad can be quickly set up to lift with one of Liffey Crane Hire’s mini cranes, pick and carry cranes or a teleporter as it can be fitted with our forklift adapter.

Download Mini-Clad Lifter Spec

Key Features:

  • 400kg capacity
  • Dual circuit vacuum system with vacuum gauge, reserve tank and non-return valve for each circuit
  • On-board control panels (including suction release)
  • 90⁰ tilt
  • 360⁰ rotation
  • 110/240v intelligent charger system
  • Audio-visual low vacuum alert
  • Integral control panel and suction release
  • Not suitable for use in the rain
  • Maximum wind speed for safe use is 29 km/h, 18 mph, 16.5 knots or 8 m/s
Mini Clad Vacuum Lifter Technical Specs Mini Clad Vacuum Lifter Technical Data


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