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Glassworker-GW-625 Glass Lifting RobotGlassworker GW 625 Glass Robot Lifter

With a load capacity of up to 625kg, the Glassworker GW 625 is the strongest glass lifting robot in its class, making it ideal for building projects with large heavy windows or glass panels that require safe and precise installation.

Powerful, precise All-Terrain Lifter

This all-terrain lifter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with its powerful traction for reliable operation outside and a width of only 830 mm allowing it to fit through narrow corridors and door openings. It can perform vertical installations up to 3.10 m and up to 3.60 m overhead.

All functions, including glass rotation, can be operated by the remote control. Combined with three-dimensional control technology and an individually configurable vacuum suction system, this lifter offers precision positioning of the glass.

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  • Lifting capacity max. 625 kg
  • Max. lifting height (vertical) 3.10 m
  • Max. lifting height (overhead) 3.60 m
  • Individual arrangement of the suction cups
  • Several speed levels for boom and device
  • Standard wireless remote control for boom and suction disc movements
  • All important parameters are viewable on the wireless remote control
  • Self monitoring system

Technical Specification

Lifting Capacity 625 kg
Weight 1,190 kg (890 kg without counterweights)
Total height 1,740 mm
Total width 830 mm
Total length 2,250 mm
Tilting of the suction disc 95° forwards / 45° backwards
Side Offset +/- 50 mm suction disc straight to left/right
Charging Voltage 230 volt
Front Wheel drive 2000 watts
Vacuum System two-circuit system
Vacuum suction cups 6 pieces, Ø 350 mm
Turning circle at steering angle of 80° 3.8m

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