Available for Hire

If you would like to hire a GL–UMC 600 Glass Manipulator, please contact our sales team:

GL–UMC 600 Glass Manipulator for Hire – Capacity: 600kg

The GL –UMC600 robotic head is an excellent device for lifting and manipulating large format glass weighing up to 600kg. When attached to our compact mini cranes, the GL – UMC600 gives customers the added advantage of the crane’s boom extended reach making it perfect for glazing at height

The highly flexible GL –UMC600 is designed to attach directly to the UNIC crane’s boom and is independently powered with electric actuators that allow precise movement of glass loads. This attachment comes with 360⁰ continuous rotation, 35⁰ head slew left and right, 120⁰ tilt and can be operated via its own radio remote control.

Contact us for more information or to hire any of our glass lifting solutions.

Key Features:

  • Safe working load: 300kg (4 pads Ø 400mm) or 600kg (8 pads Ø 400mm)
  • Dual vacuum circuit with 2 pumps, vacuum tanks and non-return valve
  • Low pressure and battery gauge
  • Low pressure warning system
  • 360⁰ rotation, ± 35⁰ swivel and 120⁰ tilt
  • Extension arms available for lifting larger loads
  • Power supply: 24V rechargeable battery
  • Weight: 145kg
  • Not suitable for use in the rain
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