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Trailer Crane AHK30 for Hire

To ensure an optimal load distribution as well as good driving characteristics, the Böcker trailer crane AHK30 is mounted on a chassis with tandem axle. The trailer crane possesses a swivel drawbar with ball clutch or truck coupling. A solid support wheel with additional air wheels enables enhanced manoeuvrability even on soft ground. Due to a hydraulic cylinder the double telescopic mast will be erected to approx. 85 degrees. The aluminium mast package is extended like a telescope by a telescopic cylinder and flyer chains. The jib is two times extendible to a length of maximal 9.10m and could be hydraulically erected to approx. 160 degrees. All crane functions are commanded by a sensible proportional control

The drive is carried out by a performant Yanmar Diesel engine with 15.5 kW. The operator can start and stop the motor via the remote control of the crane. The AHK30 is equipped with a performant automotive drive as a standard feature. The drive can be controlled also via the remote control.

The AHK30 is equipped with fully variable support control. Thanks to this control system, all four outriggers can be adjusted individually in different angles at the front (0⁰/20⁰.60⁰) and rear (0⁰/20⁰/40⁰/60⁰). As a result, operators can adjust the AHK30 to the given circumstances on-site even more precisely. Particularly on extremely narrow construction sites operations become even more versatile and efficient. The solid hydraulic cylinders with extended stroke enables optimum ground clearance.

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Technical Data

Performance data
Payload max. (kg) 1,500
Extension length max. (m) 30.00
Working height jib (m) 22.30
Jib extendable (m) 4.75 / 7.40 / 9.05
Payload jib (kg) 1,500 / 350 / 250
Main boom angle approx. (degrees) 85
Swivel range (degrees) +/- 310
Jib angle approx. (degrees) 158
Lifting speed (m/min) 50
Footprint with outriggers on both sides L x W max. (m) 5.40 x 5.40
Footprint with outriggers on one side L x W (m) 7.30 x 3.75
Vehicle dimensions
Height (m) 2.60
Width (m) 2.30
Length (m) 9.40
Pulling device straight
Range crane operation (m)
250 kg 21.10
500 kg 13.90
800 kg 9.50
1,000 kg 8.10
1,500 kg 3.60


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