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If you would like to hire a G20 Pick and Carry Crane with Full Winch System , please contact our sales team:

G20 Pick and Carry Crane with Full Winch System for Hire

Capacity: 2.0 t x 0.5m

The slimline G20 pick and carry crane offers two tonnes of lifting power without the need for outriggers. A practical alternative to a forklift, this pedestrian operated compact crane comes with a 5.3m maximum lifting height and can quickly carry loads thanks to its 180⁰ rear hydraulic drive. The G20 also features a full winch system

Like many of our pick and carry crane, the G20 is battery operated, making it fume-free and suitable for work in sensitive or congested environments including workshops, factories, power plants and busy construction sites.

Key Features:

  • Maximum safe working load 2 tonnes x 0.5m
  • Max working radius 3.5m
  • Max lifting height 3.5m
  • Weight of compact crane: 2,000kg
  • Dimensions 2500mm long x 935mm wide x 1650mm high
  • Battery powered
  • Rear hydraulic 180⁰ system
  • Full winch system


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