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UNIC URW-547 Mini Spider Crane

UNIC URW-547 Mini Spider Crane Hire

The UNIC URW-547 Mini Spider Crane offers a maximum lifting height of 18.6 metres, lifting capacity of 4 tonnes and a compact outrigger footprint.

URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane Hire

The URW-295-3 Mini Spider Crane with variable, adjustable outriggers can operate in spaces where other mini cranes cannot.

UNIC URW 376 Spider Crane Hire

UNIC URW 376 mini Spider Crane

The URW-376 UNIC mini spider crane features a six section hydraulic boom and a 360 degree continuous slew, for the flexibility to lift in both directions.

UNIC URW-706 Spider Crane Hire

URW 706 Spider Crane

With it’s 6-ton capacity, the UNIC URW-706 Spider Crane is one of the highest capacity UNIC cranes in the range.

Maeda MC285 Spider Crane Hire

Maeda MC285 Spider Crane

The Maeda MC285 spider crane suitable for use in many varied applications, especially where space is restricted.

G20 Pick and Carry Crane

G20 Pick and Carry Crane

The slimline G20 Pick & Carry Crane is a practical alternative to a fork lift.

G20 with Full Winch System

Offering the same benefits as the G20 but without the need for outriggers.

UNIC Spider Crane Sales

If you would like to purchase a UNIC spider crane please contact our sales team:

Mini Spider Crane Hire & Contract Lift Service

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