Mini Crane Hire: 3-ton Compact Pick-and-Carry Cranes
Mini Crane Hire: Technical Spec Sheet for CCH30T Mini Crawler CraneClick to enlarge

We offer mini crane hire across Ireland. We can also provide certified crane operators, certified banks man and  lift supervisors to assist with your lift.

Our mini pick-and-carry crawler cranes have a 3 tons lift capacity, 1.5 tons lift & carry and a zero tail swing radius.

The crane’s compact size, combined with it’s 3 tons of lifting power, makes it an ideal choice for use in confined spaces on both domestic and commercial sites.


  • Compact Size
  • Zero tail swing within crawler width
  • 360¬į degree slewing
  • Maximum lift load: 2.93 ton at 1.55 metre
  • Maximum boom length: 10 metres
  • Maximum horizontal reach:¬†9.5 metres
  • Maximum lift above ground:¬†10.9 metres

See the full specifications in the diagrams or download the Data Sheet:

CCH30T Data Sheet


Mini Crane Hire Applications:

Our mini crawler cranes are ideal for use in a range of industries including:

  • Electrical Contractors¬†–¬†lifting and installation of electrical &¬†computer equipment
  • Quarrying Industry–¬†man lifting, lifting &¬†installation of water-pumps, hydraulic pumps, gearboxes
  • Construction Industry– ideal for confined construction sites; suitable for both domestic &¬†commercial¬†sites.
  • Demolition Contractors
  • Glass & Glazing Industry¬†– specialised¬†glass lifting &¬†installation


Our Mini Cranes in Action