We have the latest technology in Glass Vacuum Lifters for hire. Our range of glass lifters are among the most popular and versatile available, with features such as full 360° continuous rotation, Quatra-tilt, curved glass lifters and a safe working load from 50kg up to 1200kg.

You can hire our glass lifting equipment and accessories on their own or together with our small cranes suitable for the glazing applications, including mini cranes and mini spider cranes. We can also provide a highly trained, certified crane operator and certified banks man to oversee your lift and the use of our vacuum lifters and glazing robots.

Browse our range of Glass Lifting Solutions below for more details:

Glassworker GW 625 Glass Lifter

The strongest glass lifter in its class, its ideal for large heavy glass panels that require safe and precise installation.

Geko 350 PV Glazing Robot

Precision installation of glazing & window units indoors and outdoors, with 350kg of lifting power.

Hydraulica 1200 Vacuum Lifter

Hydraulica 1200 Dual Circuit Glass Vacuum Lifter Hire

The Hydraulica 1200 is designed for safe and easy handling of heavy glass units.

MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt Lifter

MRTA8 Quadra Tilt glass vacuum lifter hire

The MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt features a four-bar tilt mechanism to tilt heavy loads between flat and upright

MRT4 Dual Circuit Vacuum Lifter

MRT4 320kg Glass Vacuum Lifter Hire

The popular MRT4 is a versatile lifter offering 360° rotation and loads of up to 320kg.

MRTA6 Quadra-Tilt Vacuum Lifter

MRTA6 500kg Quadra-Tilt Vacuum Glass Lifter for Hire

The MRTA6 has extension arms that can be configured for a variety of load sizes and shapes.

P11104 4-in-line Vacuum Lifter

P11104 Glass Vacuum Lifter Hire

The P11104 “4-in-line” vacuum glass lifter is the industry’s most widely used lifter.

P11104 Curved Glass Lifter

P11104 Curved Vacuum Lifter for Hire

This lifter is ideal for lifting curved long slim panels of non-porous materials.

Pannkoke 7211-DS2 Vacuum Lifter

Pannkoke 7211-DS2 600kg Glass Vacuum Lifter Hire

The battery-powered Kombi 7211-DS2 allows you to move loads of up to 600 kg.

Range of Glass Lifting Accessories

We provide a range of accessories for glass lifting and handling.

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